Apartment for rent in Sunshine City Ciputra, Tayho, Hanoi

Apartment for rent in Sunshine City Ciputra, Tayho, Hanoi. As a Parisian-inspired classical art but still possesses the subtle beauty of modern architecture, Sunshine City is surrounded by a large light system consisting of large light shafts, creating a light-hearted capital between the Ha When night came. In particular, the 6 high rise buildings are designed to change the color of the theme, creating the splendor of Sunshine City.
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  • Inspired by: New York's prosperous and prosperous life and the exquisite artistry of the Parisian capital of light combine with the fresh air of Melbourne, the world's most liveable city. Sunshine City is a quirky diamond of iconic cities that elevate the perfection of every resident into a living art.
    Investor: Sunshine Group
    Project Name: Sunshine City
    Nam Thang Long - Kip Ciputra, North Tu Liem, Hanoi
    Total area: ~ 5 hectares
    Type of development: Apartment and adjacent villa
    Architectural style: Modern (Apartment), Classic (Villa)
    Total investment: 5000 billion
    Space from the world's most liveable city
    Inspired by the city six times in a row is honored to be the world's most liveable city - peaceful Melbourne is a pride in beautiful Australia, possesses the standard green system of the area. Sunshine City is a pure natural land that embraces the utmost convenience of the place to enjoy the best of both worlds. green and fresh winds.
    Sunshine City's cosmopolitan space is unique in its core with its pedestrian streets, busy shopping and nightly music concerts. This place will soon become a new and attractive destination, a symbol of modern life.
    Arts enjoy the value of life
    Designed by a team of professional architects, Sunshine City is a mix of living space and commercial services and facilities, where the elite values ​​rise to the level of living standards. .
    Out-door system: inherited the facilities of Ciputra such as golf course, tennis court, international school ...
    In-house system: over 40 services - class facilities such as helicopter parking, sky bar, infinity swimming pool, ..

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