Apartment for rent in Times City Hanoi, Vietnam

Apartment for rent in Times City Hanoi. Built on the idea of a Singaporean-style eco-friendly modern townhouse, the Times City Apartment Complex offers luxury living with full Utility facilities where you and your family can enjoy a comfortable, perfect living.
  • Building informations
  • Times City Apartment Complex is expected to consist of 23 to 24 apartment buildings numbered differently from T1 to T12, Phase 2 - Vinhomes Park Hill. The apartments include Park 1 - Park 8 with a height of 27 - 35 floors. In it, the south tower is higher than the north, the west is higher than the east.
    The apartments of the Times City apartment are designed in modern style, friendly. Each apartment is designed in two styles of classic and modern furniture. Ensure high aesthetics, comfort and maximum safety. At the same time, with the unique combination of harmonious and unique European and Asian architectural styles, Times Square Apartments promises to become a model urban area, a driving force. bringing the region rapidly to become the key development of the capital.
    The choice of apartments in Vinhomes Times City is from 1 to 4 bedrooms, very flexible to suit the diverse needs of households. Park City Times at Times City also includes a variety of apartments: high class apartments - shop houses and supermarkets, commercial services ... meet the needs of modern residents.
    Vinmec International General Hospital
    Vincom Mega Mall
    The Vinschool International School System
    Indoor Pool 4000m2
    Water music and landscape system 10ha
    Customer service is available 24/7
    Family services (according to 5 star standard) include: moving house, industrial hygiene, cleaning, laundry, tree planting, tree care, weeding / gardening.
    Repair service
    Office services: photocopy, printing, air ticket booking, courier, flower arrangement ...