Apartment for rent in Royal City Hanoi, Vietnam

Apartment for rent in Royal City Hanoi. Royal City Nguyen Trai offers you the best conditions for a comfortable and perfect life. With a combination of high-class hotels, offices for rent, commercial centers, high-grade apartment buildings and schools, kindergartens, green parks and many first and large projects. Best Vietnam back to you.
  • Building informations
  • Royal City Nguyen Trai complex consists of 6 buildings: R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6 with a total of 4,460 units. Inside:
    Court R1 is 942 units with the area from 88.3m2 to 200.8m2.
    Royal City Residence R2 R2 is 942 units, the apartment area from 88.3m2 to 151.7m2.
    R3's Royal Residence is designed from 109.2m2 to 221.5m2.
    The R4 has an area of ​​93m2 - 137m2.
    Court R5 has the area from 93m2 - 137.6m2.
    R6 Royal City has a total area of ​​93.2m2 - 162.2m2.
    Luxury and luxurious apartments at Royal City are built with European royal architecture, utilizing modern, high-tech facilities and safe for the lives of every family. The apartments in the Royal City apartment project range from 88.3m2 to 221.4m2 with 39 different types. The apartments are well-furnished with many options, different spaces, meeting the needs of living and resting members of the family.
    In order to create a variety in the choice of interior layout, the investor has designed 02-03 different designs for each apartment. With each design, the designer has two different styles of furniture: Modern style and neo-classical style for customers to choose according to their needs and preferences. Residents of the Royal City apartment will experience a luxury life, modern with high-grade stone and natural wood. Curtain system and automatic remote control, while saving energy. Video ring system, electronic key lock, electronic camera chip port, fire protection standard of the National Fire Association of America ....
    The Royal City apartment was dubbed the "Small City of Europe". Royal City is a multi-functional urban area with many amenities such as: Luxury apartment, commercial center, entertainment area, beauty treatment, food court ...