Apartment for rent in Goldmark City, Hanoi, Vietnam

Apartment for rent in Goldmark City, Hanoi. Goldmark City is a complex of residential, office and high-end services located at the gateway to the west of Hanoi with a scale of up to 12.17 ha. With a prime location, the open space design is in harmony with the surrounding landscape, creating a green space - a relaxing living environment ideal for many modern homes.
  • Building informations
    Goldmark City is a complex of nine 40-storey buildings, two basements with nearly 5,000 apartments, a 2.1-hectare school district, a 5,000-square-meter commercial center with many well-known brands. , international school area and the same high-class facilities: tennis court, football field, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, gym, spa, mini golf ...
    Total land area: 121,796m2
    Total planning area: 113,996m2
    Construction area: 26.579m2
    Urban area under planning: 7.800m2
    Total construction density: 23.3%
    Average floor height: 40 floors
    Land use coefficient: 7.15 times
    Goldmark City is divided into five zones: A, B, C, D. In it
    Block A consists of 4 apartment blocks A101, A102, A103, A104 are luxury apartments.
    Block B consists of 5 high class apartment buildings: B201, B202, B203, B204, B205
    Block C includes a commercial center - office and public service (5 floors high)
    Block D consists of international schools with grades from elementary to high school.
    2 basement car parking with capacity of 5000 seats for cars, area 173.546m2
    Block A103 block A apartment Goldmark City is designed with 17 apartments / floors, a tower of 6 elevators, 2 stairs.
    Apartment area: 68, 78, 94, 104, 116m2, with a design of 2 - 3 bedrooms, suitable for various needs of households.
    Block A104 of block A of Goldmark City Condominium has 16 flats / floor, with 8 lifts and 2 continuous operating stairs to meet the needs of the residents.
    Apartment area: 104, 110, 121, 154m2 designed 3-4 bedrooms suitable for various needs of young families and families living together for generations.
    Especially in A104, there is a 4-storey commercial center, serving the diverse shopping needs of the residents of the building.